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South Africa

IHAN collaborations in South Africa started in 1998. Over the years we have learned that the practical solution is to think globally and act locally and since, we have focused our efforts on finding partners to join forces with to find solutions and means of implementing them. It was in this spirit that IHAN partnered with the South African NGO known as the Age in Action Program.
• 2002 - Our first joint project is a decade-long literacy program with mentoring for primary school children in Cape Town, South Africa. IHAN pledged scholarships to 10 outstanding students in primary school: 100 dollars per student for the duration of 10 years.
• 2004 - Participated in the "Literacy Project for HIV Orphans."
• 2006 - South Africa Literacy program
• 2006 - IHAN successful nomination of Hospivision of South Africa for the Gate’s Foundation Award
for Global Health
• 2007 - South Africa Literacy project and Radio program for Hospivision
• 2023 – Laerskool Eloff School project - IHAN’s initiative on Closing The Digital Divide was conceived during the Fifth UN Conference on the Least Developed Countries (LDC5) in Doha Qatar and it’s first pilot program was the donation of 50+ tablets and data to Laerskool Eloff; a multi-racial, multi-gender school in rural south Africa

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