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Back in 2003, an invitation from Miss Amina, an influential figure in the NGO sector hailing from Somaliland, spurred IHAN team to embark on a mission to Somaliland. This venture was made possible through the official endorsement of the Somaliland Ministry of Health and the backing of the Miss Adams of the United Nations.
Upon arrival, the warm reception and gracious hospitality enveloped us, setting the tone for an impactful journey. We Immersed into our work, collaborating with local healthcare providers to offer vital services to hundreds of women, girls, and boys across clinics and hospitals.
Yet, amidst the progress, poignant reminders surfaced. A visit to a local maternity unit revealed a critical oversight – the absence of shower facilities for mothers. Prompt action ensued, culminating in the installation of a fully functional shower facility before our departure, a testament to the power of collaboration and swift intervention.
In retrospect, our journey transcended mere humanitarian aid; it epitomized the transformative potential of collective action and compassionate engagement. As we bid farewell to Somaliland, our hearts swelled with gratitude for the opportunity to serve and the lives touched along the way.

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