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IHAN is pleased to congratulate Hon. Sybil Shainwald, a prominent attorney on receiving the award for Award for Leadership in Public Service from the New York Law School

Ms. Shainwald is a Trustee of the New York Law School and was a founding member of IHAN and the IHAN Advisory Board. She has “advanced deep commitment to social justice and women’s rights through her groundbreaking advocacy and litigation.” She has advanced the cause by “expanding the statute of limitations for latent injuries in New York” which enabled compensation for thousands of women whose mothers had taken DES during pregnancy” enabling a class action suit that established an emergency fund for DES daughters.

Sybil Shainwald has been in the forefront of the women’s health movement since its inception. Through groundbreaking and passionate advocacy, she has advanced a deeply personal commitment to social justice and women’s rights.

In addition to advocacy in the courtroom, her writings and testimony before the FDA and Congress have had a significant impact in raising the awareness of the national consciousness on women’s health issues.

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