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Women & Girls on the Move

According to the United Nations, one person is forcibly displaced from their home every two seconds by conflict, persecution or community violence. Of the record 68.5 million refugees, asylum seekers, stateless and displaced persons documented in the last fiscal year, up to 80% are women and youth. Within this population, 52% are children under age 18,  an unprecedented percentage of whom are unaccompanied minors forced to migrate and seek international protection without the support and protection of appropriate caregivers.

In addressing the annual theme of the United Nation’s 63rd Commission on the Status of Women, social protections and public services, this forum will examine displaced women and girls’ access to healthcare, education, justice, humanitarian and social protections throughout migration and in resettlement.  An interdisciplinary program of educators, healthcare providers, legal professionals, civil society activists, international and domestic politicians, as well as student researches will generate concrete action steps for protecting and promoting the human rights of displaced women and girls across the world.


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